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Library Endowments

Background Library Endowments

Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) is a body established to implement the agenda of social and economic development of the Muslim community in this country. The responsibility clearly interpreted in section 7, of the Administration of the Religion of Islam (State of Selangor) Enactment 2003:

"It shall be the duty of the Council to promote, encourage, support and undertake development and economic and social welfare of the Muslim community in the State in accordance with Islamic law"

This obligation is also contained in the mission statement of the Council:

"The development of the community through the establishment of a faith community, knowledgeable and ethical, economic strength, and missionary efforts were effective, efficient property management and pro-active religious institutions"

One of the strategy to strengthen the Council's mission is the "establishment of a knowledge society, faith and morals," and the success of the program which this strategy is the establishment of a new Endowments Library began operations in early 2008.

As a religious institution that is proactive and recognize that community development is also significant sources of information and related materials should be accessible to everyone, the initiatives taken for the development of collections, facilities and services of Endowments Library located at Wisma MAIS Section 3, Shah Alam.


The objective of Endowments Library

Among the objectives of the MAIS Endowment Library are as follows :

i.   Collect and preserve the best collection in various areas and sources chiefly Islam in building a successful community generation.

ii.  Providing information and referral sources to MAIS and subsidiaries in the research, education and dissemination of information.

iii.  Islam has become a reference center of information in support of the mission MAIS in Islam generation of knowledge, believe and do.

iv.  Educate and nourish the spirit of love of science through the use of IT within the Selangor Muslim community.


Customer Charter

1. Controlling borrowing and returning materials within 2 minutes of each ingredient.

2. Processing applications Publication Supply System (SPP) within 5 working days for Libraries in the Klang Valley and 30 working days for Libraries throughout the country.

3. Ensure that each journal / new magazine can be found within 2 working days from the date of receipt.

4. Ensure user registration Cyber @ MAIS done within 1 minute before use.

5. Membership card ready to be processed and can be taken in a library within 5 working days after the date the applicant submitted images.


Function and Role of the Endowment Library

Endowment Library was founded for :

  • Creating a conducive learning environment
  • Collect resource materials relevant information according to its needs and to facilitate his access.
  • To provide comprehensive information
  • Encourage users to use the materials source
  • Helping users access business information from external sources


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